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GURUGRAM: The Uber Cool place to work.

October 22, 2018 / by vasuadmin / Smart Cities / 0 Comments

It was the wee hours at the night; I was driving my friend from Jaipur to Delhi. On the way, as soon as we reached Gurgaon expressway, super smooth road and bright street light welcomed us. I proudly informed my friend that my office is located at the heart of Gurgram to which she gave an amazed facial expression.

It is said ‘It is the pleasure that puts perfection in work’ but we cannot ignore the location of the work place as it also can be marked as the first sign of successful business. If we work for ten hours daily, five days a week including the time of commuting, we are spending approximately 153 days of our lives at office out of total of 365 days and that amounts to over forty percent of our time in a year thus it becomes all the more important to work at a place that not only ensures its own growth but yours too.

Many business owners are totally unaware of just how important location and space are to their office. The location of your business is essential aspect of your overall success. In this article we will gauge at some of the points that makes Gurugram the Uber cool place to work, the city that barely existed three decades ago:


  • Location Advantage: The advantage include the city’s proximity to Delhi, with the semi-arid nature of land of the surrounding villages of Gurugram has given it an edge in the route of its growth, unlike the other satellite towns of Delhi. It is located close to south of Delhi. The proximity to Delhi, the capital city of the country has acted as advantageous for the town as it provides easy access to the domestic and International Airport and the administrative hub of the country. Besides this the metro connectivity with Delhi and rapid metro within the city ensures a hassle free transportation for daily commuters.


  • Major Industrial and Corporate Hub: With the liberalization and globalization, Gurugram has become home to numerous job options by the end of the 1990s with GE being the first to set up its outsourcing unit in Corporate Park in Gurgaon in 1997. This has led to the huge population growth contributing to the making of the Millennium City. The end of 1970s saw the coming up of industry with Maruti making its foray in Gurgaon. With the beginning of the decade of 1980s, Maruti started its functioning in Gurgaon. A wave of multinational companies chose to locate their operation in Gurgaon after GE did so in 1997. These MNCs include companies like American express, EXL, IBM, Microsoft, Infosys, Ericsson, Oracle, Bank of America, American Airlines, The Coca-Cola company, Nokia, Sapient, and Airtel, DLF, Maruti Suzuki, Hero Honda, etc. Gurugram has emerged as a major industrial and corporate hub.
  • Political factor (particularly with reference to the other suburbs of Delhi): The political rules and laws have also been favourable as they have allowed the private developers to acquire land directly from the people rather than government acting as an intermediate. This has facilitated the role of private developers in the route to growth and development of Gurugram. The Government have been very supportive and encouraging towards the private developers as is visible from their own statements in one of its report
  • Hub for Start-ups: The Haryana Government is planning to build country’s biggest start-up hub over the next two years, it will be along the lines of T-Hub in Hyderabad. The project, envisaged under the Haryana Entrepreneur and Start-up Policy 2017, will be developed under the public-private-partnership model. According to the officials, once the project report and estimates are ready, the government can allot funds for hub. The idea behind the start-up village is to create space for entrepreneurs and researchers that will further strengthen Gurgaon’s image as an international start-up hub.
  • Opportunities Galore: Today, Gurugram has emerged as one of the most important off shoring centers in the world, providing outsourcing solutions in software, IT, service and sales through delivery facilities and call centers. Most of the call centers provide pooled-in cars to and from their offices. Gurugram is the hot bed of 250 companies, out of Fortune 500 companies. The Millennium City in the process of its growth is bound to expand spatially in the years to come. This is also clearly revealed in the Gurgaon-Manesar Master Plan 2001-21.


The growth journey of Gurugram particularly during the last 3 decades has led to its Modern Avtaar; with shiny buildings and rising economy, it can be seen as the symbol of ‘New India’. The urban personality of the Gurugram is marked with much more cosmopolitan and global population. The increase in population size has simultaneously led to the areal growth and spatial changes in the city thus, altering its landscape. The small town has grown and expanded over to the surrounding villages that were not a part of Gurugram but today have become an integral part of the city. Gurugram with its dynamics has grown and become a class I city with shopping malls, luxury shops, golf courses, residential towers, commercial hubs and cyber cities becoming the integral part of its infrastructure making it among the best places to work in India.

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